Why would I write?

So many users are bug hunting and want to share how they successfully found a bug. Using CybNews you can easily write your posts and share it with the world. Its as easy as that. You will then create a profile and then can start posting instantly. Feel free to post not just about bug reports, but anything cyber related. It could be a new method you stumbled upon or tool you learnt about.. anything! I plan on adding much more functionality to the site shortly. This site has no ads and never will - we focus on being simple and clean.

Who & how was the site made?

One person created the site (ben) from scratch. No frontend frameworks used. Created in NodeJS, Express and utilizes Sockets ( for speed. I originally created the site for everyone to use, but have ended up just using it for my own personal use. I might one day re-re-design this to just suit myself, although if some users decide to post, Ill keep it the same.


If you have any suggestions for the site, please contact me on

Found a bug?

How embarrassing it would be if CybNews got 'hacked'. Well, as a bit of incentive if you find any bugs, report them to us and we will reward you.

Other domains

Access CybNews on a selection of different domains:

  2. Cyb.News
  3. CyberSec.News

Choose one that takes your fancy!


New Sources

The news comes from 2 sources currently. BleepingComputer and TheHackerNews. I plan to add more cyber security news sites shortly. The script to gather the news sites has an 'algorithm' that determines which articles are simular so we don't get duplicates.


Just to make this crystal clear. I (nor any member at CybNews) write news articles. All news are scraped from the www. This is a site simply made to make blogging cyber security easier (as well as spreading the cyber news).